Inventory packet contents

This assessment is a self-administered and self-scorable assessment for quick results to facilitate career exploration. It provides a direction for those who use it by including the following contents:

Interest Inventory 1. The Interest Inventory

A questionnaire of 90 statements that are based on the fifteen major factors that influence career satisfaction. These factors include:

  • Daily work activities
  • A typical day you would enjoy
  • A project or opportunity that sounds interesting
  • Daily skills used at work
  • Goals to achieve
  • What keeps your attention and focus
  • Occupations that sounds interesting
  • The type of work environment you prefer
  • How you want to spend energy and time at work
  • Being on a team or working alone
  • Your attitude toward technology
  • Interesting subject areas
  • Academic majors or courses of study
  • Your ideal work environment
  • Your value at work

The questionnaire is simple to score and provides an immediate path toward considering a career that may likely provide enjoyment. Included in the inventory are brief explanations about the six general occupational themes in the workplace.
Answer Guide 2. The Answer Guide

A resource that helps you understand the inventory results and provides additional material for career exploration that includes:

  • Detailed information about each general occupational theme and includes occupational choices for consideration.
  • Potential fields of study to consider based upon the Holland code including majors, training opportunities and certifications.
  • A listing of occupational code "families" of job titles that are related to a person's code. This list expands additional occupational choices that have similar interest patterns.
  • A listing of the basic resources available for further career exploration.
Action Plan 3. The Action Plan

A helpful tool to assist in planning the next steps by narrowing options to consider and forming a plan.

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