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Inventory pagesFinding Your Place in the World of Work is an interest based assessment developed by master career counselor, Carla Ockerman-Hunter, MA. The basis of the assessment is built upon the vocational theory of Dr. John Holland. This assessment would not be possible without the earlier work and outstanding contribution made by Dr. Holland to vocational theory and development.

Dr. Holland's career theory is grounded upon the assumption that our workplace environments can be generally categorized into six occupational themes. Each of the six themes is broad in scope but have similarities and differences that encompass the basic meaning of each theme.

In addition, Dr. Holland believed individual workers have basic personalities and interest patterns that are similar in description to the occupational themes of the workplace.

It is likely that when a person's interest patterns match the work environment he/she is most similar to, the following may result:
  1. The person is likely to be happy and enjoy the work most similar to the personal code reflecting interest patterns.
  2. The person is likely to share similar patterns of likes and dislikes with co-workers lending to compatibility and enjoyment of the work environment.
  3. The person is more inclined to be motivated and engaged in their work activities (unless physical, mental or emotional impairment is present).
  4. The person is likely to remain in an occupation or code most similar for the enjoyment and satisfaction of the work activities.
Finding Your Place in the World of Work asks 90 questions that are congruent with the six occupational themes described by Holland. Answers to the questions point to the environment a person is most similar to in interest patterns.

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